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My “c:\” Drive gets full when I open the profiler trace

Posted by Karthick P.K on July 16, 2011

Profiler filling up space of my system drive…….

When you run the profiler trace (GUI) or open the saved profiler trace file your System Drive gets out of space

SQL Server profile uses ‘TMP’ Environment variable for storing the .Trc and trace replay files


By default TMP directory points to your system drive, so when we open a large profiler trace file or capture trace in GUI mode system drive gets full.

We can workaround this by changing the TMP environment variable. Changing TMP environment variable system wide can cause other issues so I would recommend changing TMP temporarily for the process

1. Open command prompt



2. Open the profiler from command prompt

>Profiler90.exe         –>SQL Server2005

>Profiler.exe             –>SQL Server2008

>Mysavedtracefile.trc –>Open a saved tracefile


This would make profiler use G:\TMP  for saving temporary data. So your c:\ would never get full.

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Posted by Karthick P.K on February 13, 2011

Parameters which would be useful when you run xp_readerrorlog or sp_readerrorlog




xp_readerrorlog -> Reads the current SQL Server errorlog

xp_readerrorlog 3 -> Reads SQL Server errorlog “errorlog.3”

xp_readerrorlog -1, 2 -> Reads the current SQL Agent errorlog

xp_readerrorlog 3, 2 -> Reads the SQL Agent errorlog No 3 archive

xp_readerrorlog -1, 2, “ab” -> Reads the current SQL Agent errorlog but returns only those lines that contain the string “ab”

xp_readerrorlog 1, 2, “ab”, “cd” -> Reads the SQLAgent errorlog No 1 archive but returns only those lines that contain the strings
“ab” AND “cd” lines that contain the strings “ab” AND “cd”

xp_readerrorlog [-1 – n], 3, database_id, fulltext_catalog_id -> Reads full
text crawl log

Note:The second INT param is LogType. 1 = SQLServer logs, 2 = SQLAgent logs, 3 =
full text logs(SQLServer log is the default)
Additionally, the last 3 parameters (parameters 5, 6, 7) are used for Date/Time
filtering and ordering

xp_readerrorlog -1, 1, NULL, NULL, ‘2004-09-01’, ‘2004-09-02’, [‘asc’ | ‘desc’]
-> Reads the current SQL Server error log entries starting from midnight of 2004-09-01 until midnight of 2004-09-02.
Time can be included too. The date-time can be in any format recognizable by SQL server.
The last parameter specifies the datetime order that the entries are returned in. ‘asc’ or no
parameter is used for the normal, ascending, order. ‘desc’ is used to return entries in reverse order,
newest entries first.

Note:Also, to increase the number of log files, add a new registry key “NumErrorLogs” (REG_DWORD) under below location.
By default, this key is absent. Modify the value to the number of logs that you want to maintain.


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I get Exception when i open SQL Server management studio

Posted by Karthick P.K on July 23, 2010


I get below exception when i open SSMS or register SQL Server


Microsoft .NET framework: Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in
your application. If you click continue the application will ignore this
error and attempt to continue. Unable to read the list of previously
registered servers on this system. Re-register your servers in the
‘Registered Servers’ window.


When you click to register new server you see

serialization output is invalid (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc)
Additional information: Unable to generate a temporary cl*** (result = 1)
error cs2001: Source file ‘C:\Windows\Temp\tt3xxx-n.0.cs’ could not be found.
error cs2008: no inputs specified


Resolution: TEMP is pointing to invalid location.  Check if TEMP and TMP is defined properly in environment variables.



Karthick P.K

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