Karthick P.K on SQL Server

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  1. subahan said

    Hi karthic ,

    i have facing the below problem …..

    I am Getting below alert in one of SQL Server 2012 production server.
    “No catalog entry found for partition ID 5620515527371653120 in database 2. The metadata is inconsistent. Run DBCC CHECKDB to check for a metadata corruption.”
    Can anyone please suggest what action needs to be taken. i have some idea about this and i need your ideas… please share ur ideas.

    Thanks in advance….

    subahan M(

  2. It’s really a great and useful piece of info. I’m glad that you shared this useful information with us.
    Please stay us informed like this. Thank you for sharing.

  3. parikshit bisht said

    I have few doubt which i need to clear. Please help me to understand the concept.

    In sql 2012, multipage allocation happen in buffer pool but In earlier version, buffer pool will maintain single page allocation and MTL will maintain multipage allocation.(8 kb of contiguous chunk)
    In earlier version MTL contain the query plan more than 8 kb, extended stored procedure, linked server execution, sql clr and com object.

    Doubt 1- In sql 2012, MTL is still available or not. If it is available then what all things resides in it. If it is not available then all those thing which comes under mtl come in buffer pool.

    Doubt 2- In sql 2005 32 bit, if we want paging will not happen in buffer pool then we will enable AWE along with LPIM and assign max server memory to sql.

    In sql 2012 why LPIM not required ? If we have 50 gb of phyical ram, and we assign 30 gb to sql server. Then paging will not happen because we restrict sql to 30 gb. But after some months, if i will add 30 more gb RAM and allocate 60 gb to sql then why we not required LPIM like in earlier version

    Doubt 3:- In sql server 2005 32 bit machine, Maximum memory we have 4 GB. Out of 4 GB of RAM 2 GB for User Mode and 2 GB for kernal mode.

    What about in SQL Server 2005 64 bit machine, if suppose RAM is 70 GB then how much memory is taken by user mode and how much taken by kernal mode.

    Any changes in higher version regarding memory distribution on kernal and user mode. If yes then please let me know

    Doubt 4:- In SQL Server 64 Bit architecture, MTL Scope is available or Not. If it is not available then it means MTL only come to the scope when machine is 32 Bit

    If MTL is available in 64 Bit architecture, then it is available on all version or restricted upto SQL 2012

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