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Transactional Replication Part -1

Posted by Karthick P.K on November 22, 2013

Transactional Replication Part -1 of transactional replication series covers about

1. Architecture and transactional replication data flow.
2. Different entities involved in transactional replication like Publisher Server, Distributor Server and Subscriber Server, publication, publication database, subscription, subscription database, articles are discussed in this video.
3. Replication agents involved in one way transactional replication and their usage of different agents like snapshot agent, log reader agent and distribution agent are also discussed
4. Steps involved in configuring transactional replication like configuring distributor, publisher and subscriber along with configuring publication and subscription are also discussed in this video.
5. Any DBA can look into this video and can learn the Transactional Replication Data flow, working and how to configure Transactional replication.

After watching the below video you can look at the Transactional replication Part 2 demo video which will help you to learn the above concepts practically and will enable you to configure replication on your servers.

Transactional Replication internals and architecture by Gaurav Mathur

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  2. You have brought up a very fantastic details , thanks for the post.

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