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I get Exception when i open SQL Server management studio

Posted by Karthick P.K on July 23, 2010


I get below exception when i open SSMS or register SQL Server


Microsoft .NET framework: Unhandled exception has occurred in a component in
your application. If you click continue the application will ignore this
error and attempt to continue. Unable to read the list of previously
registered servers on this system. Re-register your servers in the
‘Registered Servers’ window.


When you click to register new server you see

serialization output is invalid (Microsoft.SqlServer.Management.Sdk.Sfc)
Additional information: Unable to generate a temporary cl*** (result = 1)
error cs2001: Source file ‘C:\Windows\Temp\tt3xxx-n.0.cs’ could not be found.
error cs2008: no inputs specified


Resolution: TEMP is pointing to invalid location.  Check if TEMP and TMP is defined properly in environment variables.



Karthick P.K

2 Responses to “I get Exception when i open SQL Server management studio”

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  2. Kryptiq said

    It might also be that you are out of disk space on your SQL drive. I ran into a very similar problem and ended up resolving it by freeing up enough space on the hard drive to back up my remote server to it

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