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How to find all the profiler traces running on my SQL Server

Posted by Karthick P.K on April 26, 2010


      [Status] =

      case tr.[status]

            when 1 THEN 'Running'

            when 0 THEN 'Stopped'


      ,[Default] =

            case tr.is_default

                  when 1 THEN 'System TRACE'

                  when 0 THEN 'User TRACE'


       ,[login_name] = coalesce(se.login_name,se.login_name,'No reader spid')

      ,[Trace Path] = coalesce(tr.[Path],tr.[Path],'OLE DB Client Side Trace')

      from sys.traces tr

            left join sys.dm_exec_sessions se on tr.reader_spid = se.session_id

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