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How to Browse (or) view objects and there code in mssqlsystemresource Database

Posted by Karthick P.K on January 15, 2009

How to Browse (or) view mssqlsystemresource Database.

1. Stop the SQL Server service
Copy the mssqlsystemresource.MDF and mssqlsystemresource.LDF to a new path (This
two files will be in same path where master databse is located).
Start the SQL Server Service
Ues the following command to attach the data and log file as a new user database.

EXEC sp_attach_db
‘mssqlsystemresource _Copy’, ‘<Path where you copied>\resource_copy.mdf’,
‘<Path where you copied>\resource_copy.ldf’
Now you browse through all the system objects and there code.


1. Start SQL Server in single user mode.

2. Open SSMS and connect using DAC (ADMIN) Connection and change DB context to “mssqlsystemresource”.

use mssqlsystemresource

3. Query Resource DB objects.


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